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We manufacture : - Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Wicker furniture, Patio Furniture, All Weather furniture, Synthetic Wicker Furniture, Woven Outdoor Furnitures, outdoor garden furniture, Outdoor Umbrellas, Wicker Sun-lounger, garden chair, Canopy Day Bed, Wicker Cabana, wicker swing, Outdoor Sofa, outdoor Coffee Chair, outdoor Dining set, outdoor Day-Bed, wicker Shower Jacuzzi, Staking Chair / stackable chair, Outdoor Furniture for Hotels, Hotel Furniture, Resort Furniture, Club Furniture, Restaurant Furniture, Farmhouse furniture, water proof furniture.


Outdoor Furniture

Why Outdoor Furniture ?

Outdoor Furniture are sturdy and made to last longer in all weather condition. It cans sustain Heat, Cold, Rain and wind etc. Our Wicker Outdoor furniture are best for outdoor use. They can be even placed to covered area under a canopy, Cabana or a Gazebo. Indoor Furniture are only meant for indoor use and can not withstand Harsh conditions. Use indoor furniture outdoor should be avoided as, these will be damage soon or later.

What are the Outdoor furniture types ?


1. Handwoven wicker Outdoor furnitures.


These furniture are Woven By hand on a iron or aluminum frames. these are luxury furniture available with us in various Design & Colors. these furniture add value to all you outdoor place like Garden, conservatory, terrace, patio, veranda, porch and lawn. Most hotel and resort use these furniture as these furnitures are good investment when considering returns, it anchors lot of visitors. None other furniture has a value as these outdoor hand made wicker furniture. we have also many design which are stackable, making it easy to store when not in use.



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2. Plastic Furnitures.


These are plastic sheet molded furniture made by machine and dies. it is good option, really good for a tight budget, obviously its dose not gives a luxury look. available in market easily and it will always remain as alternate.


3. Cane Furnitures.


Cane furniture are original Outdoor furniture for 100 years. now a days due to lack of raw-material and increasing cost these furniture becoming absolute and expensive. There are very few cane available which are very sturdy , even sturdy then synthetic outdoor furniture. but resources to these quality is very limited and hard to difficult and identify unless one is very much familiar to the kinds.

4. Teak Outdoor Furniture.


Teak outdoor furniture are good option and were used in early 1940s. even now these furniture are used but very limited. these furniture are sturdy and heavy. best one are folding ones as they are portable.


5. Rot Iron & cast Iron Furniture.


These furniture are heavy and old fashion. Good option as these can not be stolen easily. better be fixed and left in garden. beware you don't burn yourself if you use it a sunny day.


6. Concrete Furniture.


very similar to cast iron furniture.

7. Stone Furniture.


very similar to cast iron and Stone furniture.


8. Fabric Outdoor Furniture.


These are the new toys for big boys. but buying such furniture is like spending the fortune. original Sunbrela fabric with quick dry foam should be used with all metal frame. good option if you can spend so much and maintain it.



These are our personal views and may differ from different aspect of use and person to person. we don't discourage use of any types of furniture.

What are our outdoor furniture range ?
Outdoor  garden Wicker Living Sofa & Couch
Outdoor  garden Wicker Dining Chair & Table
outdoor garden Wicker Coffee Chair & Table
outdoor garden Wicker Day Bed Wicker
outdoor garden Wicker Sun Lounger
outdoor garden Wicker Bar
outdoor garden Wicker Swing
outdoor garden Wicker Rocker
Outdoor  garden Wicker Canopy Bed
Outdoor  garden Wicker Cabana & Gazebo
Outdoor  garden Wicker Jacuzzi & Shower
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